Check out all the ways you can earn points in the Sex Arcade!
Work your way up the Leaderboard and Get Rewards!

1,000 points

Get Yourself Tested

Get 1,000 points by getting a rapid HIV or HepC test at a UMB Sex Talk event or health fair. Find out which events will offer HIV Testing. (Once per semester.)

Take a Selfie

Get 1,000 points by taking a selfie with your "I Got Myself Tested" sticker and posting it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Make sure to tag @umbsextalk. (Once per semester.)

500 points

Join the Site

Get 500 points automatically just by registering an account on!

Attend a Special Event

Get 500 points for each UMB Sex Talk Special Event you attend.

Play the "Wheel of Sex"

Get 100 points for each correct answer you get playing the "Wheel of Sex" game! (Up to 500 points per week.)

300 points

Attend a Talk or Health Fair

Get 300 points for each Sex & Emotional Wellness Talk or Health Fair you attend!

100 points

Follow on Twitter

Get 100 points for following @umbsextalk on Twitter. (One time only.)

Follow on Instagram

Get 100 points for following @umbsextalk on Instagram. (One time only.)

Tweet @umbsextalk

Get 100 points for each UMB Sex Talk event you tweet out about! Make sure to tag @umbsextalk.

10 points

Login to the Site

Get 10 points each day you visit and login to! Check the site every day and watch your points climb!

Quiz Yourself

Get 10 points for each time you take the Sex Quiz on - plus 250 bonus points each time you get 100% correct! (Up to 100 points plus 500 bonus points each week.)