Fall semester was a fantastic way to introduce this project to UMass Boston! We are incredibly thankful for how many of you participated and engaged with our events, talks, and the online component of the project!

We are excited to bring back UMB Sex Talk in the Spring Semester, and we’ve made some changes, additions, and revamped the online experience!


You can check out the Events page to see our list of semi-weekly Sex & Mental Health Talks, which will continue this semester. We are changing the format away from every Wednesday to alternating between Wednesdays and Thursday—in hopes that more of you have a chance to join!

We will also host a special Real Talk, Sex Talk in February—similar to the one hosted at the beginning of fall semester, but this time we will have a sexual health fair, and HIV/Hep-C testing as well!


We found that many of you enjoy listening to panel discussions on certain topics, so we have enlisted the help of a number of student organizations on campus, as well as many at-large students to participate in panels this semester. The topics will range from mental health and alcohol/drugs recovery, to PTSD, to eating disorders.

Every panel that we host will have university counseling center staff present in case anyone wants immediate support for any potentially triggering content.

Wheel of Sex & Quizzes!

We will also continue our community favorite weekly event, the Wheel of Sex! We’ve added over 100 new questions to our arsenal, and we’ve added even more context and education to provide when you answer the questions. We will also utilize a more visual approach this semester in hopes it can be more accessible for those who may want to read questions and answers in order to respond.

ALSO! We are uploading all of our questions to the website so that you can quiz yourself up to TEN times per week and earn EVEN MORE points! The only catch is you have to get a perfect score out of five questions to earn the points! So brush up on your sexual health knowledge, folks!


We’ve doubled the opportunities to get tested for HIV & Hep-C this semester, so there are even more chances to earn an easy 1,000 points!

That’s what we have for you currently! We cannot wait to get this semester underway and it should be a fun and exciting semester of learning together.

Be well.

  • Craig and Dawn!