Welcome to the Sex Arcade!

This semester-long game is all about keeping sexual health and knowledge FUN!

EARN POINTS by getting tested for HIV & STIs, challenging stigma around testing, attending UMB Sex Talk events, and more. Then use your points to GET REWARDS - you could even win an iPad!

Follow the steps below to find out more and get started...

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How to Play the Sex Arcade

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Earn Points

Every time you attend a UMB Sex Talk event this semester, you can earn points and work your way up the Leaderboard! Mark your calendars with our event dates, because that will be the most consistent way to earn points!

Our ultimate goal is to get as many people tested for HIV & STIs as possible, so you can get the most points for getting tested (1,000 points) and for sharing a selfie with your “I Got Myself Tested” sticker (another 1,000 points)!

You can earn extra points for connecting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, so make sure to follow @UMBSexTalk!

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Claim Points

Once you've earned some points, you can come back and enter your codes to claim them here!

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Get Rewards

Your points can be redeemed for gift cards and for raffle tickets, which will give you the opportunity to win various prizes—with the top prize being a brand new iPAD!